Eve Taylor Facials

Eve Taylor, is the founder of the institute if Clinical Aromatherapy and regarded as the pioneer of modern aromatherapy.  Respected by professional skin care therapist and estheticians worldwide for more than 40 years.

Eve Taylor products follow a criteria of being naturally safe and effective and adopt a contamination free packaging concept.  They do not contain mineral oil, alcohol or artificial fragrance and are not tested on animals.

Express Facial (30 mins)

 This is a perfect facial inbetween lunch breaks or if you are short for time but need a little  skin pick me up.

* Soothing Facial - All skin types and conditions, especially dehydrated, sensitive or     irritated   skin.
* Balancing Facial - Normal to combination skin
* Purifying Facial - All skin types, especially oily and breakout prone skin types.

Prescription Facial (1 Hour)

 The prescription facial is a luxurious 1 hour facial.  Specifically designed to suit your  skins needs. Enjoy a complitmentary hand and arm massage with this treatment.

* Cryogenic Facial - Anti ageing & Firming
* Bio Facial - Smoothing & Hydrating (Sensitive/Dry Skin)
* Clarifying Facial - Eliminate Impurities & Rebalancing (Oily, congested & prone to   breakouts)